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 Our feed supplement products rely on our global infrastructure of premium quality, reliable manufacturers, with an established record in the field. We put extra attention to make sure our products quality is uncompromised. We employ professional animal nutritionists and certified laboratories to guarantee the quality of the supplied raw materials. Trisun supplies a wide range of raw materials used for the production of all farm animal feeds. Our line of products includes fish meal, fish oil, poultry meal, feather meal, corn gluten meal, dicalcium phosphate, L-lysine sulphate, choline chloride, single vitamins (feed grade), feed concentrates (shelf products and tailor made), vitamins and minerals premix, sweet potato meal and more.

Trisun Ltd. offers a wide range of products
for animal-feed for several sectors, including
broilers, turkeys, breeders, layers, dairy
herds, calves, sheep and fish. We are working
with producers all around the globe, and we
are capable to comply with specific customer
demands concerning quality level or origin.
We supply to Mills in Israel, Nigeria, Ghana,
Turkey, Poland, Thailand and other countries.


  • Fish oil.
  • Fish meal 65%
  • Poultry meal 65%
  • Poultry feather meal 80%
  • L-lysine sulphate 70%
  • L-threonine 98.9%
  • Choline chloride 70%
  • DL-methionine 99%
  • DL-methionine 65%
  • Dicalcium phosphate feed grade
    (DCP 18%- powder)


  • Vitamin E 50% (feed grade)
  • Corn guten meal 60%
  • DDGS gold
  • Wheat (feed grade)
  • Soybean meal
  • Soybean oil cake
  • Sunflower meal
  • Sunflower oil cake
  • Rapeseed meal “00”
  • Sugar beet pulp pelletsGrains (corn, barley, and wheat)
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